Personal Injury

Our firm has handled many different types of personal injury claims ranging from automobile accidents to wrongful death claims with million dollar recoveries.  Obtaining legal representation soon after an accident is critically important.  Rights have to be protected.  Evidence has to be collected.  We have the support and staff necessary to diligently and expertly prepare your case.  You will have unrestricted access to the attorney handling your case.  We pride in providing personalized attention to each client.

We Fight Hard For Our Clients And Are Passionate About Our Job.

We enjoy helping people get back on their feet.  Every case is handled on a contingent fee basis.  This mean we don’t get paid unless you do.

Our 35 years of experience covers a large range of personal injury claims including car accidents, truck accidents, bus accidents, wrongful death, premise liability, construction accidents, child injuries, dog attacks, motorcycle accidents, and boating accidents.

Insurance Companies Are Not Concerned With Your Best Interests!

Insurance companies are businesses that generate profit by paying as little as possible. Their slogans and advertising do not reflect the way they handle claims. Injured persons who do not have a good attorney receive less or nothing at all.  Often, the problems created by trying to handle a claim yourself results in errors than can never be corrected.

Our firm has devoted itself to forcing insurance companies to honor the promises of fair coverage. Don’t fall for the insurance company slogans. Instead, know and protect your rights with a qualified and experienced trial attorney.  If you are involved in a personal injury, immediately seek medical attention.  As soon as able, contact an experienced attorney to review your case. DO NOT speak with representatives of insurance companies or the business responsible for your injuries. Their primary motivation is to minimize or eliminate your claim.

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