Probate and Estate Planning

Many people do not think about Estate Planning until it is too late. They may not consider doing this for their own benefit until they hear horror stories after someone else dies and those heirs did not receive the expected inheritances. Avoid this problem entirely by having the experienced Probate & Estate Planning Attorney at the Law Offices of John B. Shepherd help you create valid documents to protect your assets and property for you and your future heirs.

Law Offices of John B. Shepherd

Our client services are always client focused and results driven. Any Estate Planning we do for our clients is individualized for each one, with special attention to their own goals and objectives. We offer a free consultation and reasonable fees, and we serve clients statewide. In addition to this area of law practice, we provide clients with legal advice and representation for Probate, DUI & DWI, Criminal Defense and Divorce & Separation matters.

Attorney John B. Shepherd

Experience, knowledge and attention are what Attorney John B. Shepherd offers his clients. He has been licensed to practice law in Ohio for over 40 years, since 1978. He earned his Law Degree in 1978, at Cleveland State’s Marshall College of Law. He is a dedicated legal professional who works hard on behalf of his clients. Many small business owners have been consulting with John for their legal issues on a long-term basis.

John has helped thousands of clients win cases and develop strategic Estate Planning to protect their personal and business assets and property. Probate matters are another area of law that many people need legal advice about as they try to avoid that time-consuming and expensive process. Persons who are appointed by a Probate Court Judge to administer someone else’s estate also consult with Attorney Shepherd about that legal process.

Ohio Probate & Estate Planning Attorney

You can work with our Ohio Probate & Estate Planning Attorney to develop customized documents to protect your assets and property now and in the future. With these valid documents, you have peace of mind that your wishes will be known if you are ever incapacitated and unable to manage your own affairs. These documents also direct disposition of your estate to your after you pass on. Without at least a simple Will, your estate will be administered by strangers appointed by a Probate Judge.

We help clients create a variety of important Estate Planning documents, including:

  • Wills & Trusts – living, revocable, customized
  • Medical Care Directives – useful if you are incapacitated
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Business Succession Plans

Consult with Attorney John B. Shepherd about your need for Estate Planning. Contact the Law Offices of John B. Shepherd, in Westlake, OH. Call us now, at (440) 899-9990.

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